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Let's Replace Notepad With Notepad++ in Windows

Notepad++ is a popular free text editor for Windows that includes many features essential for viewing and editing code, creating and modifying macros, and working with multiple documents simultaneously. Many Notepad++ users prefer to use the app instead of the default Notepad that ships with Windows.

Rather than manually changing the default application for multiple file types, there's an easier way that allows Notepad++ to completely replace standard Notepad. Here's how it works.

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Setting Up Email Signature for your Company

Within a company, you usually want to control the signatures that users are using when sending mail outside of the company. Most companies want to include at least a "disclaimer" text, others want to control the amount of contact details as well and still others want to control the entire look and feel of the signature. Outlook offers no direct means to do this since the Signature feature in Outlook is a client side feature and thus users can create and modify their own signature. You can lock down the access to the Signature feature by using Group Policies but that still doesn't take away the issue of creating/generating a standard signature in the first place and deploying it to the users.

This guide discusses the features that Exchange offers to create and manage signatures at server level. Also, additional methods are being discussed to manage it without an Exchange server. Finally, an overview of 3rd party solutions is provided for alternative solutions.
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Three Best Network or Server Monitoring Tools

Several days ago in my current working company, we've faced with a network intermittent downtime issue affecting the whole office. Without proper network/server monitoring tools, it is tough to identify to pinpoint where was the fault or cause of the issue as we had to isolate floor by floor to identify the issue where in the end we managed to found network looping issue in one of the network switches causing broadcast storm throughout the entire network. I strongly believe having a network monitoring tool is vital as it greatly helps our team in my office to quickly identify the cause of the issue. 

Refer below for some of the commonly used network/server monitoring tools which can implemented to greatly assists the team in identifying any issues within your network.

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Password Protect MacOS Pages Document

Documents created in a word processor like Pages can contain highly sensitive and confidential information. It's therefore important not to simply leave Pages documents stored in easily accessible places.

You can protect your Pages documents (along with other sensitive files) via a number of different means, such as storing them on an encrypted drive or within an encrypted disk image, but Apple offers the ability to password protect Pages documents themselves, in addition to any other form of protection you may use.

So if you're storing sensitive information like social security numbers, financial statements, or trade secrets in your documents, here's how to password protect Pages files in the Pages app for macOS.

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Add or Remove Microsoft Office 2016 Apps That You Don't Use OR Install to Different Drive

Starting Office 2016, whenever you install Microsoft Office 2016 you won't have the option to select which office application to install and not to install. This is actually quite bad especially those who are having small hard disk space on the C:. This happened to me as well. I really don't need all unnecessary things like Skype for Business, Lync, Onenote, Access and more. But the default installation will actually install them all irregardless whether i want it or not. On top of that, there isnt't any option also to specify the install location. Default installation path is at "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\*.*". Why Microsoft? Seriously Why remove this option?? 

But the good news is, there is a Microsoft Office Deployment Tool where it is being used mostly by Desktop engineers for big companies where they can customize the installation folder and selecting which Office apps is needed to be install. 

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