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Most of my clients consists of merchants, retailers and small entity businesses who converts their store to online shops, setup an automation process to improve any of their business processes such as Integration system with accounting system, payment gateway setups, inventory systems and many more. Asides from that, i do develope special application to cater to unique business requirements that was required by my clients such as data validation systems, upload file system, school admission or enrollment systems and many more. Due to non-disclosure agreement, i will not disclose any of these projects here.

These are application projects developed freely for public and myself.


Lemon Web Solutions develops applications to deliver desktop software that can run on the majority of operating systems (windows, Mac OSX, Linux) with high performance. Most of my applications are written in C++, C#, WPF, .NET and few JAVA based applications.


I developed few applications and games for both IOS and ANDROID. These are simple applications written in either SWIFT or Android Development Studio.


The great thing about HTML5 based games is that they run on all modern browsers. You can play these games on modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox on desktop as well as on devices such as iPhone and Android. Check out some of my developed games using HTML5.


It's amazing how far computer games have progressed. But have you ever felt the urge to take a trip back in time and relive the games of the eighties and nineties? Well, i can say i personally enjoyed old games compared to modern games. A javascript version of dosbox was released by @caiiycuk and it is quite impressive as someone manage to port over the whole DOSBOX-SVN to the Javascript. Using this JS, i managed to port over some of the old games and bring it back to live to this website. No emulator, no installation, just browse and play. It is as easy as that.


I will NOT reveal any of my client's website(s) due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement with my clients and I will keep their information & details strictly private and will not exposed them. However, i can list down the websites that was developed for myself. Below are list of websites that belongs to Lemon Web Solutions.

These are web projects developed and designed by me.


This website was built for the people of Malaysia to help Malaysian in the calculation of car insurance policies, road-tax, directory services, news & blogs and any other needed or related to their car. This facility is provided for free. Value your car, where as your car is your transportation for a living and takes you to your destination.

Features: Car Valuation, Workshop listings, Automotive Insurance Listings, Insurance Calculator & More
Language: Malay
Website: http://www.1kereta.net

Developed during 2012 and still an on-going project. 


We offers calendars spefically catered for Malaysian peoples residing in Malaysia and the calendars consists of Malaysian festive events, celebrations, historical events & more. At the same time, we try our best to add any additional value added services such as providing users with calendar designs for printed versions, i-cal options for user convinience to save and synchronize the calendar to their mobile phone or any 3rd party calendar program such as Microsoft Outlook or other programs. We also provides online E-Greeting card module for users to send greeting cards to their loved ones to celebrate any common festive celebration in Malaysia.

Features: Malaysia Calendar View in Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly with event details, holidays & more
Language: English
Website: http://www.malaysiacalendar.net

Developed during 2014. Updated on yearly basis.
Project abandoned due to target visitor count too low.


Momey.Net is an online store selling varieties of fashinable items such as baju kurungs, hiljabs, fabrics, blouse, dress, pants and more. This website is based on an online shopping cart applications bringing online commerce values to the store.

Features: Online Store
Language: English
Website: http://www.momey.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/M0Mey

Developed during 2014.
Project abandoned due to our online shop closed down.


Running and based on the popular ownCloud open source web applications, file sync and share community project, Lemon Cloud provides greater control of data — combining greater flexibility, openness and extensibility with on premise servers and storage.

Features: Online Web File Sync & Management
Language: English
Website: https://lcloud.lemon-web.net
Developed during 2014 and still an on-going project.


Have you ever wondered how to pin a file folder to your Windows taskbar? Or, how to access the secret "Send To" menu? There are a few hidden Windows tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts that will make your workflow smoother and quicker, without a whole lot of effort on your part. We've studied a few of the most useful tricks in the gallery above. The majority of the tricks apply to Windows OS, with the few exceptions noted on specific slides. What's your favorite Windows secret? Let us know in the comments on our articles.

Features: Provides all Microsoft Windows OS related guides, tips & tricks
Language: English
Website: http://www.winsecret.net

Developed during 2014.
This project has been discarded due to lack of resources.


  • Web Domain Checker - An online tool to check domain availability and check up details on existing domain
  • School Management System - designed to facilitate paperless administration of schools. School software has the ability to host modules which allow a user to maintain academic history of students, records, etc. which ultimately helps the staff, teachers to work in accord.

Project Timeline

These are upcoming web or application projects that i've plan to develop. Some of them are already in progress and hosted in my testing servers.

  On-Going - DOS-Games via Web-Based
  On-Going - HTML5-Based Web Games
  On-Going - School Management System
  Not Started - Protection & Gap Calculator Mobile Apps
  Not Started - Malaysian PCB Tax Calculator Mobile Apps
  On-Going- Project Management System
  On-Going - Flat File Data Validator Program
  Not Started - Human Resource Management System
  On-Hold - 1KERETA.NET Enhancements Project

  Unscheduled - Intranet Portal
  Unscheduled - JomSolat.Net
  Unscheduled - MalaysiaCalendar.Net Revival Project
  Unscheduled - HomeRent Affordability Calculator


An experienced web master with more than 10 years of functional web design experiences and have designed websites and applications since 2006 as a freelance web-designer, mastering coding, deployment, database, designs and more.