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As an experienced web master with more than 10 years of functional web design experiences where I have designed websites and applications since 2006 as a freelance web-designer, mastering web programming, development, deployment, database and is ready to leverage my unique skillsets and attributes to your business needs. Agile execution, best coding practices and state of the art collaboration tool to deliver responsive and reliable web application and eCommerce website on cutting edge technologies.


Awesome Website Design

A well-made Website is the seed to your Flourishing Business. Let me nourish it! Gone are those days when there was a choice between having a website and not having one. Without a well-equipped website today, your business is null and void. But a meagerly designed website, just for the sake of having one, will not serve the purpose. Your website deserves as much attention as your business.

I always thrive to achieve my main objectives in the most efficient and user friendly manner. As one of the fastest growing Web Solutions company in Malaysia, Lemon Web Solutions has the expertise, the experience and the resources to deliver extraordinary results. And as my goal to deliver the best web design and web application development services to my clients, I give attention to each and every detail and extract just the best ingredients for your website.


Simple Elegant for Best Interaction

Your website will be the face of your business. It will reflect the features and the nature of your business from all angles. A well-designed website is one that has a clear call to action, engaging and high quality content, attractive visual design, is user friendly, mobile friendly, etc. Whether you already have some material or need to start from the scratch, I will first delve deep into the purpose of your organization, your goals, your target audience other criteria before giving birth to your website. I am constantly garnering new insights into what builds a perfect website.

Of course, I will include you as part of the design inputs as well throughout the project from inception to implementation. After all, it's your website and your views and opinions matters. Do not hesitate to dream big. Fulfilling your dream is our dream!


Responsive Web Design

The increased adoption and usage of mobile devices have impacted consumer behavior and preferences in a surprisingly dynamic way. Developing at an astronomical pace, mobile digital media time frequently significantly higher compared to traditional desktop and other media. This trend has contributed to the growing demand for effective brand representation across different mobile devices. The implications are obvious – if you are unable to provide a satisfactory and compelling mobile experience to your target audience, you will lose out on opportunities compared to your competitors who are already established there!

Businesses – small, medium, and of course, conglomerates – are employing the science and art of responsive website design to achieve their branding and marketing goals.

The biggest benefit of mobile friendly web design is its flexibility to adapt to different gadget screens with unified design. The relocated content, changed layout, resized images, adjusted navigation, and alternating font sizes deliver better usability and exceptional user experiences.


Website Redesign

Unless you have already recognized, your company’s website is unquestionably ‘the’ most significant marketing tool for your business. For businesses world over, the primary marketing concern remains attracting visitors who will eventually convert into paying, repeat customers.

Your website more often than not makes the crucial first impression among your target audience that is potential customers. Chances are high that you will miss out on potential leads with a possibility of converting into customers unless your business website is organized, informative, easy to navigate, and updated. All or most of the marketing activities, whether inbound or outbound, eventually direct people to the website. Hence, you must understand that your website is merely ‘not’ a brochure as it is an undeniable extension of your business values and objectives.

If your website calls for attention and a much-needed shot in the arm, it is time for a complete overhaul and redesign to ensure maximum impact with minimal effort. Website revamp provides an array of tangible benefits to a business and it definitely does wonders for your business more than you think.


E-Commerce Web Design

An exclusively branded and functional ecommerce website has grown to become an essential ingredient of a successful marketing strategy for retailers. It is well-known truth – shoppers are hard to please. They are selective, meticulous, and prefer convenience and beautiful presentation.

When it comes to determining the wow factor of an online store, a whopping 67 per cent of buyers ranked image quality as critically important to decide whether or not they will purchase from the particular website. Effective imagery, quality performance, and valuable information delivered promptly – these are some of the fundamental components necessary for creating flourishing ecommerce website. The cohesiveness and quality of the design elements in a website speaks volumes about the business. With the introduction of social networking in ecommerce and the growing popularity of social and mobile commerce websites, it is vital that the unique identity of your company reaches online shoppers through multiple channels.

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An experienced web master with more than 10 years of functional web design experiences and have designed websites and applications since 2006 as a freelance web-designer, mastering coding, deployment, database, designs and more.