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Got any issues with any IT related operations or businesses? Contact me and i may propose a solution for your issue. With years of experience and creative thinking style, i am able to help assists in providing technical solutions to your issues.


Application TroubleShooter

If you have some problems with your Applications, Websites, or any programs whatsoever, contact me. With years of experience in multiple programming languages and frameworks, i have experience and expertise in troubleshooting the problem, identifying the cause of the issue, program or web debugging and more. Got a problem? No problem. Pass it to me and i will check it out for you and come to you with a solution to your problem.

Depending on the complexity of your issue, there are no defined pricing structure is available as it goes case by case issues. But, let me know your problem details and before proceed with any action to resolve your issue, i will definately provide you with the price quote.


Backup & Recovery Solutions

Data lost from natural disasters? Hardware failures? Cybercriminals? Do not fret, Etctech team are ready and assist our client in developing backup & recovery solutions in the most cost-effective way.

Depending on your budget and your website types, I will recommend the best recovery solutions for your busines needs.


Wireless Network Solutions

Want to setup a complete wireless solutions for your office? No expertise in this area? Wireless solutions includes controller based Wi-Fi solutions which provide you a single place to manage all your wireless access points. Mu technology platforms concentrate in deliverying advanced & easily deployable solutions.

Depending on your budget, i can recommend the required hardwares needed for the job based on your office's environments.


Network & Server Infrastructure Setup

Is your IT infrastructure impeding your company’s quest for peak performance? Improper planning, design, installation or maintenance can be detrimental to the productivity in your workplace, and to the functionality of your entire network. Make sure your office is in top working order to ensure your company’s every day success. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current IT infrastructure or you’re starting a new operation from the ground up, TCI Technologies can get you set up quickly and thoroughly, so that you can get right to work with new found efficiency! With years of experience and skillset in Network and Server Infrastructure in multiple industries, I am able to offer the most robust, cost-effective, and innovative solutions.

Depending on your budget, i can recommend the required hardwares needed for the job based on your office's environments and provide installation for this.


IT Outsourcing & Consultation Service

I can assists you in understanding your business requirements, review your current process, and achieve your objective. I am specialized in providing one-stop solutions to my clients for them t=to achieve their business objectives. Need help to review your current IT process work-flow? Looking for ways to improve your processes? Or even do some automation of the processes? I am here to help using my experiences and skillset in the IT industry.

I usually charge a very low fee for consultations as sometimes it can go as low as FREE!

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An experienced web master with more than 10 years of functional web design experiences and have designed websites and applications since 2006 as a freelance web-designer, mastering coding, deployment, database, designs and more.