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Windows 10 Automatic Thumbnail Deletion after Fall Creators Update

I really hate it when from time to time, Windows 10 automatically deletes the thumbnail for my pictures. I have thousands of pictures and all have been cached so that every time i open the folder, the images thumbnails will be instantly load up. After the latest Windows 10 - Fall Creators Update, Windows has add one special setting to automatically clear the cache from time time. I understand the logic behind this as thumbnail cache should be cleared off from time to time and if not removed, it will built up size taking a lot of hard disk space, especially most people nowadays uses SSD hard drives as storage is relatively very small. But i really do hope they can have an option or setting to set ON/OFF for this.

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Recovering Teclast X98 Plus

​Recently, i decided to reinstall back Android partitions to my Teclast X98 Plus tablet. Previously, i have removed all partitions and do a clean installation of Windows 10 in a single partition on the hard disk. I did clear off all other unused partitions including the EFI Boot partition which is required for the dual booting options for this tablet. 

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