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Add or Remove Microsoft Office 2016 Apps That You Don't Use OR Install to Different Drive

Starting Office 2016, whenever you install Microsoft Office 2016 you won't have the option to select which office application to install and not to install. This is actually quite bad especially those who are having small hard disk space on the C:. This happened to me as well. I really don't need all unnecessary things like Skype for Business, Lync, Onenote, Access and more. But the default installation will actually install them all irregardless whether i want it or not. On top of that, there isnt't any option also to specify the install location. Default installation path is at "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\*.*". Why Microsoft? Seriously Why remove this option?? 

But the good news is, there is a Microsoft Office Deployment Tool where it is being used mostly by Desktop engineers for big companies where they can customize the installation folder and selecting which Office apps is needed to be install. 

You can use the Office 2016 Deployment Tool to customize the setup. Edit the "Configuration.xml" and add new ExcludeApp ID entries for features you don't want to have installed. Refer screenshot below as an example for you.

You can refer below for the list off Office Application "ID".

You can also specify the install folder as per following. 

SourcePath = The installation path

DownloadPath = This is where the Office installer file will be downloaded temporarily

OfficeClientEdition= Select which version of Office to install. 32bit or 64bit. 

Below are the Office Product ID that is available for this type of installation. 

+ O365ProPlusRetail
+ O365BusinessRetail
+ VisioProRetail
+ ProjectProRetail
+ AccessRuntimeRetail
+ LanguagePack

Make sure you install the correct version that you have purchased. Check back your license information on the Microsoft Office key. 

For pirated version, ahem ahemm * activate KMS Activator* ahemmm *after install*** ahemmm ahemmm. No comment. Go figure it out yourself. I do not provide support for piracy. But i would recommend just go buy the license key. You can get it very cheap at Lazada website where some sellers are selling the OEM version of the license key and it is 100% legit. And the best part about it is, it is as cheap as RM20 - RM50. Seriously, just search for it. But make sure to buy from a reputable seller, otherwise there are many scam cases. 

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